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Some forthcoming events for your diary


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Choir of the Year Heats

Choir of the Year heats at Portsmouth Guildhall. Saturday 28th May 2016

Opening Concert, Christchurch Priory Music and Art Festival

Opening Concert, Christchurch Priory. Sunday 12th June 2016 3pm.

100 Club Summer Concert

100 Club Summer Concert, St Mark’s Primary School, Highcliffe. Saturday 25th June 2016 7pm

Michael James Music Trust Concert

Michael James Music Trust Concert at Wimborne Minster. Saturday 23rd July 2016

Foxlease Residential Music Workshop

Weekend music workshop at Foxlease residential activity Centre, Lyndhurst. Sat 1st October to Sun 2nd Oct. 2016

Christmas Music at Beaulieu

Annual ‘Christmas Music’ concert in Beaulieu Abbey Church. Saturday 17th December 2016 7pm

Other opportunities to hear the choir in the local community

The choir have already been busy this year, performing as the ‘headline’ act in the recent (20th February) and much acclaimed Celebration Concert at Christchurch Priory, alongside a notable choir alumnus, Kate Royal (see under “Concerts and Festivals”). They are now in preparation for their part in a concert of Monteverdi’s exquisite Vespers with the Bournemouth Bach Choir. This is undoubtedly a beautiful and seminal early baroque masterpiece but it has some devilishly difficult music to master and the Highcliffe Youth choir are very proud to add it to their already significant repertoire.

But this is a choir that doesn’t forget its roots and every year there are regular singing commitments around the local community which may not have quite the spiritual content of the Vespers but which are just as important and as well received by the listeners. Examples abound around Christmas time when the choir sing, by invitation, at the Stewarts Gardenlands pre-Christmas shopping event and at Sainsburys supermarket in Christchurch. These are always popular events for the audience and they help to raise funds for the choir in the process. The young choir members love these informal opportunities where they can wear Christmas hats, join in the festive atmosphere as well as sing beautifully. Many wonderful comments have been received from both the public and the staff at these and other venues, such as their now annual recitals to guests at local hotels including the Chewton Glen Country Hotel and the Cloud Hotel in Lyndhurst.

These ‘community’ concerts and recitals are excellent occasions to promote the choir. They also give the children, including the younger ones, the experience of working as a group and shows them all just what fun can be had from singing at such close quarters with an invariably appreciative audience. So be aware, when you next go shopping, particularly around Christmas, the music that you hear in the background might just be a rather special visiting choir?